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Best Phone Holder

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Best Phone HolderIf you're looking for the cheapest phone holder that may or may not last, then click away now.

But if you're after a phone holder that has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and will handle even the roughest of conditions, then read on!

The RAM Mount's X-Grip is one of the most popular phone mounts on the market. It's a spring-loaded cradle that has a clean and clever four leg design. It has amazing holding power (see video below) without hiding your phone behind too much material.

The X-Grip for phones comes in two basic sizes: one that handles phones up to 8.25cm in width (the RAM-HOL-UN7BU) and a larger one that handles phones up to 11.43cm in width (the RAM-HOL-UN10BU). They even make several sizes larger than that, for phablets and tablets.

Regardless which size you choose, they come with a tether just in case you're going into really rough conditions. But to be honest, we don't know a lot of people who use the tether, because the X-Grip holds the phone so tight (again, see the video below!).

Once you've got the holder sorted, RAM Mounts make over 5,200 other parts that will help you connect the holder to just about anything. A few of the more popular kits available are:

There are also dozens of other configurations and mounting options available, so if you're looking for something else then please contact us and we can help further. 

And now for the video. Here's an example of how strong the X-Grip holds your phone:

And here's a video showing the car windscreen mount kit:

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