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8 Reasons Why Drift Is Better Than GoPro

8 Reasons Why Drift Is Better Than GoPro

Posted by Graeme Olsen on Sep 09, 2013

Drift HD Ghost

Ouch! That sounds like a controversial headline... But despite the strong chance that I'm going to get trolled by GoPro fans, I can't keep silent any longer. Here are my top 8 reasons why I think Drift HD cameras are a much better choice than GoPro cameras:

  1. LCD Screen Comes As Standard
    No need to spend extra money on an LCD screen like the GoPro. All Drift HD cameras come with a built-in screen that makes it easy to see exactly where the camera is pointing, review the footage you've taken, and use the menu system. The new Drift HD Ghost camera has the largest screen yet, a 2" screen covered with Gorilla GlassĀ® that keeps it scratch free

  2. Remote Control Comes As Standard
    Although the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition now finally comes with a remote control, the other versions (Silver, White) don't. But Drift HD have always included remote controls with their cameras. Simply strap the remote to your wrist, or mount it anywhere you like, and switch the camera on and off remotely. The new Drift HD Ghost remote even has different coloured lights to let you know if the camera is on or off, and what it's status is (video, photo burst, etc)

  3. No Fogging
    One of the biggest problems I've had with my GoPro cameras is that when you go in the rain, or damp conditions, or underwater, you start to get fogging and condensation on the inside of the housing. Many times I have had great footage ruined by condensation. Sure, you can get anti-fog inserts and sprays, but who wants to muck around with that, just in case you might get some rain? Because the Drift HD Ghost has no case, and is waterproof to 3 meters, you can go out in the water and the rain and you never have a fogging problem

  4. Zoom Feature
    I can't believe this feature is not available on other action cameras. Drift HD cameras include a zoom function as standard. For example, the Drift HD Ghost has a 10x zoom which allows you to get that much closer to the action if you need to 

  5. More Streamlined Design
    Ever attached a GoPro to your helmet? Does it feel like you're wearing a brick? The Drift HD range have a great streamlined design (smallest point facing forward), and fits nice and snug against whatever you're attaching it to

  6. Longer Battery Life
    The new Drift HD Ghost-S has a 3.5 hour battery life. Enough said.

  7. Rotating Lens
    The Drift HD lens will rotate 300 degrees, meaning that if you're mount or whatever is not level, you can make it level! This simply isn't an option with GoPro

  8. Video/Tag/Loop Function
    This is a nifty little feature that means that when the Drift HD Ghost is turned on, it's basically continuously recording the last 5 minutes of footage in a looping fashion (but not to the memory card). If something cool happens, just press a button and the footage is saved to the card. This means you can just keep the camera on, without using memory card space, and you can always grab the last 5 minutes anytime you need it

There's even more reasons, but that's my top 8. And yes the Drift HD Ghost does have built-in Wi-Fi, it does have 1080p HD video, and it does have 11MP photos (including photo burst). Built for extreme sports, they're tough and robust, and I think a much better choice for just about any activity. 

And the footage? The video below was shot 100% with the new  Drift HD Ghost-S camera. Check it out.

NOTE: Since originally writing this article, the Drift Ghost-S has been superseded by the Drift Ghost 4K. Check it out here. 

What do you like most about Drift cameras? Got any other reasons why Drift is better? Let us know in the comments section below!

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