Protect your Street Triple R with these front fork spindle bobbins that fit the Triump design perfectly and are made out of high performance engineering polymer.

The bobbins are retained by a stainless steel spindle and stainless nyloc nuts for extra security. The kit includes two bobbins, spindle, nuts, washers and a hollow spindle nut when required, and instructions.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 250g (approx)
  • Fitting Difficulty: 1 (1 low - 5 high)
  • Fitting Time: 10 mins

Installation Instructions (PDF)


SKU PRN011884-06
Brand Evotech Performance


30 September 2014
Feel as they are made of a very strong material. They look good and hopefully will protect my bike if the time comes.

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