Yamaha MT-07Listed below are the accessories we sell for the Yamaha MT-07.

We can supply parts from a range of top brands like Evotech Performance, Puig, Bonamici Racing, LSL, Motogadget and many more.

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As a middleweight roadster with a reputation for smooth handling and fun riding, the Yamaha MT-07 is an awesome way to get around. Riders of all stripes love its 689cc engine, and combined with a super-light tubular backbone frame, this 74.8hp powerhouse is known for responsiveness. Its horizontally situated rear monoshock shortens the wheelbase, reducing the overall weight and bringing your centre of gravity closer to the ground for better agility.

What sets the Yamaha MT-07 apart from similar bikes? The design incorporates a 270º crank that makes it easy to really feel the acceleration without sacrificing traction. This arrangement also heightens performance by optimising linear torque, so it’s no wonder riders like it so much.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of riding an MT-07 is that it’s highly customisable. From the very beginning, Yamaha intended for this bike to act as a base model for other racers and casual designs. Regardless whether you’re simply cruising or trying hit its top speeds of 214 km/h, you’ve got ample room to add accessories and make the Yamaha MT-07 your own. Those who do are certain to enjoy riding even more.

In fact, it's one reason why we've selected the MT-07 to be one of our demo bikes. Check it out here.

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Yamaha MT-07 Accessories: