We're honest guys.

Everything that's listed on our website is done in good faith and with the best intentions. But sometimes there can be mistakes made, or misunderstandings, and we apologise in advance if this happens from time to time.

We list a wide range of brands and merchants on our website. Although we have great relationships with all of our stockists, just because we carry a particular brand does not mean that the brand specifically endorses Hurtle Gear, or vice versa.

We do our best to keep our product database up to date as much as possible. For example, our product pages show our current stock levels in real time. However, due to the nature of large volumes of stock coming in and going out, sometimes the database numbers can temporarily get out of sync with the actual stock levels in the storeroom. This is rare, and if our website says we have something but we don't actually have it, we will contact you.

All of our stock comes with the standard manufacturer's warranty for that product. If for any reason the manufacturer will not cover your warranty, then Hurtle Gear will not be liable for providing a warranty or other compensation in place of the merchant. But do please talk to us about any special deal or arrangement we can make for you!

It's impossible for us to keep on top of all design rules and road regulations in every state, territory, or country. Therefore we highly recommend that you keep your original OEM parts in case you ever need to re-fit them in order to pass a vehicle inspection. Hurtle Gear cannot be held liable for any fine or defect notice you may receive as the result of installing an accessory that does not comply with your local laws.

And finally, we sell a lot of gear that is used in some pretty extreme sports and activities. Hurtle Gear will IN NO WAY be held responsible for any injury or damage to you, or your property, from the use of any of our products. This includes any damage you may cause to your bike, car, caravan, boat, helicopter or other vehicle by installing our products incorrectly.

Have fun, but be careful OK?