BMW S1000RRListed below are the parts and accessories we sell for the BMW S1000RR.

The S1000RR was originally developed by BMW Motorrad to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championships, but is now thankfully available to the public in its slightly modified production version. Boasting anti-lock braking as standard and weighing in wet at 204 kilos, the S1000RR also offers electronic traction control for those looking to take corners with confidence.

The S1000RR was famously advertised to gearheads via a viral YouTube video which touted its superb acceleration, showing the bike whipping a tablecloth across the room without disturbing the place settings and flatware. (It should be noted, in the interests of fairness, that the US TV show "Mythbusters" failed to replicate the trick, though possibly because they enlisted the less fearsome Buell 1125R for the gig.)

The S1000RR is officially quoted as having a blistering top speed of 303 km/h, with a 0-100 mph of 5.13 seconds. For its elite performance, slick styling and precise engineering, the bike has been showered with a variety of awards, including being named the Motorcyclist "Motorcycle of the Year 2010", the Cycle World "Best Superbike of 2010", and was honoured as one of the "Best of the Best 2010" by luxury lifestyle magazine the Robb Report.

Our range of S1000RR parts and accessories below includes products from Evotech Performance, Rizoma, LSL, Racecon Carbon Fibre, Pro-Bolt, R&G Racing and more. If the part you want is not listed, please contact us and we can look at ordering it in for you.

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BMW S1000RR Accessories & Parts: