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Ducati Scrambler IconListed below are the accessories we sell for the Ducati Scrambler Icon.

The Ducati Scrambler Icon was made with both performance and comfort in mind. This impressive motorcycle features an 803cc L-Twin cylinder with a maximum of 75hp. Fans of Ducati will not be disappointed with this model thanks to its sleek design of aluminium side panels and finishes. It also comes with a wide handlebar and Dual Sport wheels for maximum stability and balance. There are grab rails for passengers, and the seat of the Ducati Scrambler Icon is positioned low with contoured cushions for riding comfort.

The colours of the Ducati Scrambler Icon are Ducati standards. You can choose from either bright yellow or red for the exposed parts of the frame. While you are sure to be noticed with the iconic Ducati colours of this motorcycle, it also includes an LED headlight which makes riding at night as safe as possible. There is no denying that this motorcycle is a blast to ride, especially for anyone who is partial to the power and sleekness that Ducati is known for. This is definitely a sports bike, but the thoughtful construction of the seat and its position makes it a decent option for bringing along a passenger too.

Our range of Ducati Scrambler Icon accessories includes products from Evotech Performance, Rizoma, Shift-Tech Carbon, LSL, Pro-Bolt, R&G Racing and more. If the part you want is not listed, please contact us and we can look at ordering it in for you.

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Ducati Scrambler Icon Accessories: