About Us

At Hurtle Gear our mission is simple: Beautiful products and brilliant service.

We accomplish this through sourcing first class products that will last, and then follow through with great service and quick shipping.

You can be assured that every product that appears on our website has been thoroughly reviewed, and only added to our range because we believe it is of the highest quality.

We have been in business for over 20 years and are committed to providing the best experience possible for our customers. We are located in Bunbury, Western Australia, but service the whole of Australia through the express post network.

Environmentally Sustainable Values

We strive to be environmentally responsible in all areas of our business. This includes:

  • We no longer pack with bubble wrap, and have switched to environmentally friendly padded paper and cardboard. All of our order packaging can be recycled
  • Where possible, we work with suppliers and manufacturers who take environmental sustainability seriously. Like Evotech Performance, who have taken many steps to ensure their factory and packaging are as environmentally responsible as possible
  • We attempt to re-use or recycle all material from incoming shipments, including cardboard, paper and soft plastics
  • We have recycling points throughout our entire office for paper, cardboard, soft plastics, printer cartridges, e-waste and more
  • We keep as many documents as possible in electronic format, to reduce paper usage
  • For office supplies (eg. dishwashing liquid etc) we always try to use re-fill services, thereby re-using plastic containers as much as possible
  • We reduce our energy use as much as possible by turning off un-used appliances etc
  • When we do have to travel, we fly carbon neutral where possible
  • We source and sell products that are designed to last as long as possible (eg. "lifetime")
  • We encourage our customers to recycle all of their order packaging

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