Why Shop With Hurtle Gear?

  1. We only stock high quality products that we would use ourselves
  2. Where possible we ship the same day if you order before lunchtime
  3. Where possible we answer enquiries within an hour (WA business hours)
  4. We do what we can for the environment and climate (more details here)
  5. See what our customers say about us on Google Customer ReviewsFacebook ReviewsSiteJabberTrustpiloteBay Reviews and more.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?
At checkout, we provide several different shipping options, so it depends on which option you choose. With StarTrack Express you can normally have your item in 1-2 days. Take a look at our shipping page to see how long your order may take to arrive. We ship every business day.

Do You Ship To PO Boxes And Parcel Lockers?
Yes, we can ship to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers. However, please note that we can only do that through Australia Post. This can sometimes result in your order taking a little longer to arrive. We generally find courier delivery to be faster and more reliable.

The Tracking Number You've Given Me Doesn't Show Anything!
Please remember that it does take a while for tracking information to be updated in the delivery system. In some cases it can take up to 24 hours before tracking information starts to show. But don't worry, you'll receive an automated email from our system when your items are sent, and you can trust that.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Direct Deposit, Afterpay and ZipPay.

How Do I Know If The Item I Want To Purchase Is In Stock?
Our website shows our current stock in real time. Each product page will have a section that says "Current Stock: 7" (for example) and this updates automatically as people place orders. If an item is out of stock, it will clearly say so on that product page.

Why Is This Item On Special Order?
Hurtle Gear holds stock in our Bunbury warehouse. We take pride in having the quality products that you are looking for, and providing great backup service, along with instant dispatch when you place your order.

To do this we have more than 5000 lines on our shelves ready to go, and each month we buy more than we sell. That's not enough though. Every month our suppliers design and produce more and more products, and we simply are not keeping up. So we're trying.  When our suppliers produce a new product, we are going through a process of getting as much onto the site as we can, so you can order it when you need it. If we've never sold one before, or if we haven't fitted it into our budget, your part might still be listed as a special order part.

One more reason could be that we've had the part, but over time it's become less commonly used. Given that we can't ever foresee a time we can afford to have one of everything, a part that sells once a year just isn't worth keeping on the shelf when we have to spend our inventory money on parts that might sell every week.

There's good news though, we only deal with suppliers who have dealt fairly and properly with us. For most of them we have a regular schedule of orders, so we're probably ordering again quite soon. If it's on our website, we think we can get it for you as quickly as anyone. Hit the button and see how we do.

Do You Take Phone Orders?
Of course! However, it is often faster to place your order online because then your data is saved automatically and sent through to the packers. Taking orders by phone will slow that process down a little because we have to manually enter your details in the system, but yes we are more than happy to take orders over the phone, just call us on (08) 9721 1326.

The Part I Want Isn't On Your Website. Can You Still Help?
Yes, we can order in most parts for you. We are growing our product range every day, but if the part you are looking for isn't listed yet, please contact us and we can look at ordering it in for you.

Where Can I Find Installation Instructions For My Evotech Performance Motorcycle Gear?
To ensure they are always up to date, the instructions for fitting your Evotech Performance products are provided online. On our website, simply navigate to the product you purchased, scroll down to the product description area, and click on the "Installation Instructions" link. If your product does not have an instructions link, please contact us for further details.

Do You Have Coupon Codes And Other Discounts Available?
Our gear is super-high quality, but we still try to keep our prices as low as possible. Given that the majority of our products are manufactured overseas we have cost pressures from exchange rate fluctuations, shipping, customs duties and more. Therefore our prices have already been reduced as low as we can get them, so generally speaking we do not have coupon codes available. If you see any sites advertising coupon codes for Hurtle Gear, they are not real or authorised by us.

Can You Please Write (lesser amount) On The Customs Documents For Me?
Unfortunately there are big penalties for providing false information on customs documents, so no we will not write an incorrect value on import/export documents, and have to state the true value. Sorry.

Your Site Says You Have One Left In Stock, But When I Click On 'Add To Cart' It Says There's Not Enough Stock. What Gives?
The item is probably already in your cart. See the red "cart" icon in the top right and corner of our site? Click on it to show what's already in your cart. If our site says we have 1 item in stock, and it's already in your cart, it won't let you add it again (because it thinks you want two). Just head to checkout and you're all good!