Car Phone Mount Solution - Don't Get A Fine!

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 9 December 2014 

Car Phone MountPolice are pretty harsh on people using mobile phones while they drive. And so they should be. The number of times I've been nearly knocked off my bike by a driver on a phone...

The rules may vary a little from state to state, and local police attitudes may vary in different locations, but there is pretty much one simple rule when it comes to how you can use your phone while driving:


Therefore, in order to avoid a fine, and to be safe, you need to have your phone mounted somewhere in your car so you can see it, but not touch it. 

Enter the RAM Mount suction cup mobile phone holder (RAM-B-166-UN7U). This mounts your phone onto your windscreen (or your dashboard if it's flat enough) and includes a handy "X-Grip" holder that will let you easily mount and remove your phone, whether it has a case or not.

The suction cup on this unit is very strong. Unlike those cheap Chinese imitations you get on eBay, RAM Mounts are made in the USA from powder coated marine grade aluminium, marine grade stainless steel, and high strength composite, which is why they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Read more of the specs here.

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