How To Mount Your Tablet In Your Car

Author: Graeme Olsen   Date Posted: 7 March 2014 

If you need to mount your tablet in your car for work, maps, or even entertainment, the RAM Mount system provides a range of different ways to hook it up.

There are two basic components, the cradle and the mount.


1. The Cradle

Because you’ll want to have the option of mounting your tablet with or without a case (and not be stuck with one option or the other), we recommend a product called the  RAM X-Grip Universal Holder For Large Tablets (RAM-HOL-UN9U).

This universal cradle will fit most large tablets, and will adjust easily depending on whether you are using a case, sleeve, or nothing on any particular day.

2. The Mount

This depends on where you want to mount it in your car. Some of the most popular options are:

Windscreen (Suction Cup) - This part will suction cup to your windscreen, or any flat smooth surface, and then connect directly to your X-Grip Cradle. The middle socket connection allows for almost limitless angles and directions

Floor Mount - this is a very popular option, and attaches to the floor of the vehicle, with an adjustable stem so that the tablet sits near your leg/knee

Cup Holder - this mount sits securely in the cup holder in your console, and your X-Grip Cradle will then fit directly to that

The great thing about RAM mounts is that once you get started, you can mix and match components together like Meccano. RAM Mounts product over 4,500 different product lines, so there’s an attachment for pretty much any kind of product or application you want.

Here's a video of some examples:

How have you mounted your tablet in your car? Have you tried RAM Mounts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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