Important Notice For Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Holders

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 29 January 2015 

Credit Card FrustrationIf you're a Commonwealth Bank credit card holder and you are having problems paying us online, please read below for further instructions.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Commonwealth Bank credit card fraud system is a little over-zealous, and for various reasons it is putting a fraud block on many Commonwealth Bank customers when they try to place an order at our store.

We have tried to have this rectified by the Commonwealth Bank, but they currently advise this is not possible.

So... if you are a Commonwealth Bank credit card holder, and you've tried to make a credit card payment on our site but it's been declined, here's what you should do:

  1. First of all, contact us and let us know of the problem. In most cases, your order will be sitting in our "Failed Orders" section and with the click of a button we can confirm it for you, to secure your items
  2. Then, regarding payment, you have the following options:

    - we can email you a PayPal Invoice

    - you can pay by Direct Deposit

    - you can contact the Commonwealth Bank and get your card unblocked, so we can charge your card

To contact the Commonwealth Bank, you need to call 132 221 and specifically ask them to remove any fraud block that is on your credit card for SOUTH WEST ECOMMERCE (our parent business name) or HURTLE GEAR. Sometimes the operator will say there is nothing wrong with your credit card. Technically this is true, but they will say this because they haven't looked at the actual fraud/pending transactions on your card, which is what they need to do. If you have any problems, you can also call the Fraud Team direct on 1800 023 919 (Option 1, then Option 1).

Once they have removed the fraud block, let us know and we can press the button to retry your card. It should then go through fine.

While you're at it, you may want to suggest to the Commonwealth Bank that their fraud system is a little trigger-happy. Perhaps if they get enough feedback they may wind it back a little, in line with other banks.

Feedback? Let us know in the comments section below.

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