Doing What We Can For The Environment

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 18 June 2019 

Environmentally Friendly PackagingRegardless of your views on the seriousness of climate change, we can surely all agree that we need to be living in an environmentally sustainable way.

This is why at Hurtle Gear we strive to be environmentally responsible in all areas of our business. This includes:


  • We no longer pack with bubble wrap, and have switched to environmentally friendly padded paper and cardboard. In fact, all of our order packaging can be recycled and we encourage our customers to do so
  • We attempt to re-use or recycle all material from incoming shipments, including cardboard, paper and soft plastics


  • Where possible, we work with suppliers and manufacturers who take environmental sustainability seriously. Like Evotech Performance, who have taken many steps to ensure their factory and packaging are as environmentally responsible as possible
  • We source and sell products that are designed to last as long as possible (eg. "lifetime"). The less we consume, the better it is for the planet

Office Operations

  • We have recycling points throughout our entire office for paper, cardboard, soft plastics, printer cartridges, e-waste and more
  • We keep as many documents as possible in electronic format, to reduce paper usage
  • We reduce our energy use as much as possible by turning off un-used appliances etc
  • When we do have to travel, we fly carbon neutral where possible

We know that alone our efforts may not make a huge difference, but if we all do our part it can have a big impact.

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