Getting Motorcycle Screens To You Cheaper

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 18 February 2021 

Compared to other countries, postage in Australia can be quite expensive, especially for bulky items.

Take a motorcycle screen for example. The parcel may only weigh a couple of kilograms, but due to it's size (say 50cm x 50cm) it is "cubed out" and the price becomes astronomical. Like $300 to send across Australia via express post.

We've always done our best to reduce this by as much as possible, and managed to get screen delivery down to about $30. But just recently our packing team did some further investigations and made some changes to the way we pack certain screens, and the good news is that they've been able to reduce shipping costs on those down by around 50%.

This is a fantastic achievement and something we have passed on immediately across our entire range of motorcycle screens. So now postage is as cheap as it can possibly be.

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