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Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 12 September 2023 

Hurtle Gear Parts FinderWe are pleased to announce the "soft launch" of our new parts finder!

There is now a blue banner at the top of our website where you can enter your bike model and year, and it will tell you if a part on our website is specifically suited to your bike.

However, this is a work in progress and there are some important points to note.

1) Mapping products to bike models is a HUGE undertaking. Not only do supplier databases update regularly but across the world different bike models can have slightly different common names, and also our parts finder partner (Redbook) may not always be completely up to date. So it is a very labour intensive job and we ask that you have patience while we get all the data loaded

2) At the time of this launch, we have 2,064 products mapped to specific models. However, we have over 5,000 products on our website. Out of the remaining products still to be mapped, many are universal/generic products that will still fit your bike. We are aiming to map another 30-40 products every day, so the bike finder is growing as fast as possible

The end result is that the bike finder is a partial confirmation for you that certain products will definitely fit your model. However, if you see a product on our site that says "May not fit your bike" there are two possible reasons for this:

  1. It hasn't been mapped yet
  2. It's a generic/universal product that may still fit your bike

While we continue to build out the bike finder, if you are unsure if a certain product will fit your bike or not, please contact us and ask. As a general rule we will update that product as we answer your question.

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