RAM Mounts Knock-Offs And Why To Avoid Them

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 15 May 2018 

Counterfeit RAM MountsRAM Mounts make over 6,000 different components and have come up with seriously clever and sturdy designs.

Over time, this has led to some other companies copying their design, even though the RAM Mounts products are all trademarked.

But upon closer look, these cheap imitations are simply not worth your time, for the following two reasons:

  1. They're made from cheap materials.

    RAM Mounts are all made from marine-grade aluminium, stainless steel, and high strength composite. You won't get those kinds of materials from cheap imitations, so not only will the life of your product be a lot less, but it won't be as secure in rough environments
  2. They don't come with a lifetime warranty

    Enough said. With an imitation product, you'll possibly be needing a replacement within a year, and you certainly won't get proper support. RAM Mounts are built to last, and if you ever have an issue, RAM Mounts will simply replace it, no questions asked! 

There's a reason why RAM Mounts are the preferred choice for fire departments, police officers, military and government all over the world. Don't skimp on quality!

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