RAM Mounts Manufacturing Lead Time

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 1 September 2017 

RAM MountsRAM Mounts make over 6,000 different parts, and we try to hold as many as possible on our shelves here.

However, RAM Mounts also make their products to order, and they currently have a 6 week manufacturing lead time. This means that if we place an order for some RAM Mounts today, it takes 6 weeks for the products to be produced. There are no ways to shorten this process.

Once the items are made it can then take another 2 weeks for them to be flown to Australia and cleared by customs.

This means that the total wait time between ordering them and receiving them here is a minimum of 8 weeks.

While we try to hold several months demand of the most popular lines here on our shelves, we sometimes run short. When we do, or if we need to order in a new item, please be aware that it will take at least 8 weeks for them to arrive. 

Our website shows how many of each item we have on the shelf, in real time. If the item is not listed on our website, it most likely means we have to order it in. We can order in any product that RAM Mounts make, it just takes a while for the first shipment to arrive. Once we order something in though, we'll then keep extra stocks on our shelves here.

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