Things Are Afoot At Hurtle Central

Author: Dave Roberts   Date Posted: 28 June 2018 

Hurtle Gear WebsiteThings are afoot at Hurtle Central. More things than we can really tell you, but one’s important and you should know. Our website has served us well for years, but it doesn’t do all the things we need it to, and if we want to keep offering blindingly good service, we need to upgrade the back end.

On the morning of Tuesday 3rd July 2018, you’ll see something new at the front, but the real changes will be in the engine room, where you’ll never notice it. What that means right now is that as well as selling you all the good bits, we’re doing a metric shedload of mind numbingly boring tasks to get this product onto that database, and the other list linked to yonder platform, etcetera et stinking cetera.

Things we used to be able to do like get a new product in and sell it to you as a custom product before it was on all our databases will take just a little longer, and we’re sorry for that.

What does it all mean to you guys? Probably not a lot. We’re still committed to doing the best thing we can for you. You may find that we’re a little slower picking up messages from the ways you send them in, you might find that the order you send in 3 minutes before the courier arrives just doesn’t get sent til tomorrow, and you might find that if we need to track a supplier down in Latvia and get a product sent it takes another day to negotiate time differences and get all the answers.

The outcome of it all though is that the new website will allow us to keep working at the same level we always have. Volumes were getting to where that was going to fail soon but we’ve found a way through it. We’ll save a little money, so we will still have our pricing as sharp as we can. And we’ll still sell you stuff that is the best possible match for your needs.

As we said, it’s hopefully going to be mostly over in the next week, with probably another fortnight mopping up little things. We could have just ignored it and done our best, but our style is to share the facts with you.

The downside remains what it’s always been. If you are looking for some dubious quality parts made of a special blend of aluminium, tin, and Hokkein noodles, we can’t get them for you and we can’t match their prices. Sorry.

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