What Accessories To Get First For Your Motorcycle

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 9 June 2017 

Motorcycle Radiator GuardWe often get asked: "I've got a new bike, what should I get for it first?".

This is obviously a personal decision and will depend on your own circumstances, but for me personally the following items were the top priority:

1. Radiator Guard

Within a week of purchasing my latest new bike, I had small dents in the radiator. I hadn't even been out on the highway yet, it was just from little rocks and other road debris around town.

So definitely my number one recommendation is a radiator guard straight away. The guards we have from Evotech Performance are made from aircraft-grade aluminium so they're as light as anything, yet strong. Also, the hexagonal hole design means that it provides great protection but still allows plenty of airflow through, so you shouldn't see any major rise in the temperature.

A guard will provide peace of mind that your expensive radiator is protected

2. Crash Bobbins (Frame Sliders) And Spindle Bobbins (Axle Sliders)

This will obviously vary depending on your skill level, but even the most experienced of riders have a spill from time to time. Main frame crash bobbins and front and rear spindle bobbins will help protect your brake callipers, front fork bottoms, fairings, swing-arm etc in the event of a fall. Money well spent!

3. A Bit Of Bling

Once you've got the protection in place, many riders opt for a bit of bling to improve their bike. Tail tidies are probably the most popular here, as are bar end weights, brake/clutch levers, and various coloured bolts and caps, if you're into that sort of thing.

Whatever you're looking for, check out our bike database or accessory category list and see what we've got for your bike!

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