How To Set Up A Tablet Headrest Mount In Your Car

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 29 August 2016 

RAM Mounts Headrest SetupIt's a popular entertainment option in cars, especially for kids, and especially on long drives. But what's the best way to mount a DVD player in the back?

One of the most popular options is mounting it on the driver and/or passenger seat headrest bar. This is done easily with RAM Mounts, as shown in the video below.

There are basically 4 parts that you will need to set this up the way it's shown in the video:

  • Torque Mount - this is the part that bolts onto the headrest rail. They come in different sizes so you need to measure the diameter of your headrest rails and you'll probably end up with the RAM-B-408-37-62U or the RAM-B-408-75-1U. These have a 1" ball on them which connects you to the RAM ball and socket system
  • Socket Arm - for a headrest mount most people would opt for the short arm RAM-B-201U-A but they also come in longer lengths if required
  • Round Base - RAM-B-202U. This connects into the other end of the socket arm, and provides the flat round base that the tablet holder will connect to
  • Tablet Holder - this will vary depending on which tablet you have and whether you're using a case/sleeve or not. To work out which holder you need, you can follow the instructions in our "How To Find The Right RAM Mounts Tablet Holder" blog post, or contact us and let us know your exact tablet model, and we can help. As an example, you may end up with something like the RAM-HOL-TAB20U. All RAM tablet holders include a set of nuts and bolts to connect to the round base RAM-B-202U

That's it! Once you've got those parts, you'll not only have a system that holds nice and tight and gives you almost unlimited viewing angles, but it all comes with a lifetime warranty so you're all set.

Check out the video below to see how it looks when it's all set up (forward to 2 min 32 sec to see the headrest mount).

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