These folding levers for the Ninja ZX-6R feature lever blades that pivot upwards upon contact with a solid object to help prevent breakage, and then manually return to the original position.

Anatomically correct deep radiused edges along each lever length ensure excellent comfort, feel and style, and the lever is held firmly in place by tensioned spring and bearing that cannot accidentally be moved out of position.

Includes a six-position adjustment span via a red anodised adjuster on both levers to set your levers to varying finger lengths, ranging 17mm (+/- 1mm) lever span adjustment range (measured at lever midpoint).

The lever blades and bracket mount union have been machined from billet aluminium, with stainless steel CNC-machined clevis pins, retaining clips and, where supplied, piston adjustment screw/barrel and tension retaining spring.

Alternative colour adjusters (green, silver, blue, black, gold, orange, titanium) span adjusters are available for purchase separately.

SKU PRN002390-004646-12
Brand Evotech Performance
Country Of Manufacture United Kingdom
Product Specifications

Compatible Bike Brand: Kawasaki

Compatible Bike Model: Ninja ZX-6R

Compatible Bike Year: 2024-

Type: Lever Set