PLEASE NOTE: 99.9% of our products are held on the shelf in our warehouse, but this product is not one of them, and is ordered in on an "as needed" basis. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Worldwide, this is one of the most popular and reputable speed calibrators. Even the most modern motorcycles can have speedo errors up to 10% in variation, not to mention even a modest sprocket gearing can throw it out by up to 15%, as well as higher odometer readings which affect resale value. This product will fix all that an ensure that your speedo and odometer are accurate.

Compatible with all motorcycles that have a non-cable driven speedo.

NOTE: This is one of the rare products that we do not hold in stock in our warehouse, and is ordered on an "as required" basis. Therefore, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of this item.

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  • Programmable Calibrator
    - Calibrate your bike's speedometer to get 100% accurate readings.
    - Make sprocket conversions road legal by speedo re-calibration.
  • Converter
    - Convert Km/h to MPH on import vehicles or during your trip abroad.
  • Advanced Top Speed Memory
    - Recall your true top speed to your factory speedometer by the press of a button.
  • Simple Installation & Easy setup
    - Plug-n-Go kits available for most motorcycles, installation takes only minutes.
    - Generate programming instructions through the on-line calculator.

Typical Uses:

  • Eliminating "factory inaccuracy", which may be as much as 10%
  • Account for changes in tire size/profile
  • Make gear ratio changes, such as sprocket conversions on motorcycles
  • Get an accurate speedo/odo even on bike engine powered Cars, ATVs, Snowmobiles
  • By-pass the built-in factory speed limiter on bikes such as the ZX-12R, ZX-14, ZZR1400
  • Mile or kilometer conversion on import vehicles
  • Adjust for new speedo face-plate with different scale
  • Upgrade/replace your bike’s gauges by another model
  • Interfacing an aftermarket speedometer

What do you gain with SpeedoHealer?

  • Accurate speedometer and/or odometer no matter what you change on your vehicle
  • Your odometer won't show more miles/kms than you ride (RESALE VALUE!)
  • Top Speed Memory (Ever wondered HOW FAST you were going?)
  • Safety: your speedometer will always clearly indicate your actual speed, without lag
  • Your top speed won't be restricted by the factory speed limiter (ZX-12R, ZX-14)


  • New User Interface: Easier to program, review and update the stored parameters.
  • Extended calibration range: -99.9% to +9999.9% in steps of 0.1% Which means  the  signal can be  adjusted  from 1/1000 to x100, in  increments  of  0.001 This  range  is  efficient even for the most radical sprocket conversions and suitable  for  all kind of custom applications as well.
  • Dual-Bank Memory: Allows storing two independent calibration values and switching among them is possible by the press of a button. There is a clear, visual confirmation of the active bank and value in use. Useful for road & track setting when changing gearing or wheel size. Also, easy to bypass the speed limiter when on the track. Detachable Remote button for the Top Speed Recall feature is now standard.
  • Improved connector layout: The unit takes less space with the wiring harness connected.
  • Factory look: Black, high quality, flame retardant and shielded wiring harness - blends in with the other cables.
  • Km/h conversion: Change from Km/h to MPH by the press of a button.
  • Interactive test mode: Confirm installation before leaving the garage.
  • Compact dimensions: 30% smaller and lighter unit compared to SHv3. Full SMD design. The smallest and lightest calibrator ever built.
  • Wide operating voltage range: Works from as low as 3V supply voltage, up to 19V. Means even easier installation for all Yamaha bikes and some other models. Reduced power consumption + auto stand-by.
  • High-speed CPU: 32-bit processing ensures high accuracy and immediate response to the input signal (no lag).
  • Robust design: 100% weather proof. Every unit is fully tested, guaranteed to work. All leads are protected against reverse voltage, short circuits and high energy transients

MCN - USA (September, 2005)
"When we changed the gearing on our SuperHawk test mule last year, we greatly compounded the existing speedometer error ... This had us doing way too much math in our heads - tiresome and distracting, not to mention doubtlessly inaccurate much of the time...""...Physical installation of the SpeedoHealer is so quick, it's virtually a non-event...""...On our test bike, the uncorrected speedometer indicated a speed between 56 and 57 mph when the GPS said 50 mph, and almost 80 when the GPS said 70. With the SpeedoHealer activated, using the formula-derived correction coefficient, the speedometer reads true, +/-1 mph at a wide variety of speeds, compared to the GPS...""...We're quite satisfied with the SpeedoHealer's performance, and highly recommend it to those who've have changed their bike's final drive ratios..." - Mark Barnes

Cycle News - USA (Aug 3, 2005)
"The SpeedoHealer took me about half an hour to install and calibrate, both of which are straightforward processes...""...After installing the SpeedoHealer [on a brand new 2005 GSX-R1000] and calibrating to negative 6 percent, we went back out and did a series of radar runs and determined that we had corrected our GSX-R's speedometer completely. Now when I'm speeding, at least I know by exactly how much." 

PLEASE NOTE: 99.9% of our products are held on the shelf in our warehouse, but this product is not one of them, and is ordered in on an "as needed" basis. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Brand HealTech Electronics
Product Specifications

Accessory Type: Aftermarket Branded

Custom Bundle: No

Modified Item: No

Non-Domestic Product: No

Speedo Healer fitted to XTZ1200 Yamaha

By: on 13 August 2014
I fitted the speedo healer last weekend, and adjusted it using the 5 X 1km speedo check signs just south of Tamworth. As it turns out, - 5% makes it just about perfect. All too easy.

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